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Walkthrough for Baby Escape

The 21st escape game from 123bee
A baby is trapped in a locked room.You can use objects and clues available here to escape.Use your intelligence to help the baby to escape
Baby Escape Walkthrough: http://www.123bee.com/play/baby-escape
    1.Go to left side. 2.Take the matchstick from ground. 3.Again, go to left side. 4.Take the matchbox from ground. 5.Go to right side. 6.On a slab, there is a Metal rod. 7.Take the metal rod. 8.Take matchbox from inventory panel and light up a match stick. 9.Take the matchstick and view the room through the window. 10.Come back and take the metal rod from inventory. 11.Use metal rod to on the switch. 12.Room lights are on now. 13.Go to right side twice. 14.Take the thread from ground. 15.Come back to main view. 16.There is a balloon in the umbrella hook. 17.Take the balloon. 18.Take the balloon from inventory panel and tie it with thread. 19.Take the balloon from inventory and show it to baby through window’s third bar. 20.The baby comes near to the balloon. 21.Go to main view. 22.Kick the door thrice. 23.The door opens.
Walkthrough Video
Baby Escape Video Walkthrough: