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Walkthrough for Art Class Escape

The6th Escape game from 123bee.com
Student artist Harry is trapped in the art room by his art teacher.He has to complete certain tasks before escaping from the room. The hints regarding the tasks to be done are given here.Help harry to complete the tasks and escape from the room.
Art Class Escape Walkthrough http://www.123bee.com/play/art-class-escape
    1) First of all go to the second wall locker, open it and pick up the piece of paper with a bird’s picture drawn on it. 2) Open the draw of the second table and pick up the paper with the star drawn on it. 3) Take the paper knife under the seventh chair in the room. 4) Use the knife to cut a square piece from the ‘numbered dots’ picture, and keep it aside. 5) The third piece of paper is in Harry’s locker. 6) Count the number of ‘red stars’ in the wall picture and use the number 0007 as a clue. 7) Use the clue number to open Jerry’s locker and pick up the pastel seen there. 8) Pick up a chart from the chart bin in the next room. 9) Paste the 3 pieces of paper on the chart. 10) Use the ‘colored shapes’ picture as a clue and color the 3 pictures with the pastel. 11) Paste the pastel drawing on the left top shelf. 12) Use the number of the ‘missing planet’ 0008 to open Sam’s locker. 13) Pick up the binoculars and key seen here. 14) Use the key to open the 3rd draw and pick up the red and blue water color tubes. 15) Pick up the yellow water color tube from the cupboard in the second room. 16) Pick up the painting tray after clicking on the fruits and moving them aside. 17) Go to Agnes’ painting and pick up the clue from the 4th clock picture. 18) Go to Agnes’ locker, use the code 0330 to open it, and pick up the painting brushes. 19) Pick up the glass of water from the table. 20) Pick up the paper with the triangle drawn on it from Harry’s locker. 21) Take the ‘screw nut’ from under the fourth table. 22) Use the nut to adjust the easel stand and fix the board on it. 23) Paste the picture of the bird on it. 24) Pick up the hammer from the table in the next room. 25) Use the hammer to break the second stained glass window. 26) Use the binoculars to see the distant object. 27) You will see a parrot perched on a tree. 28) Use the water colors, water, and the painting tray to color the picture of the parrot to make it look like the parrot on the tree. Use a combination of the colors available to get the required colors. 29) Place the water color painting on the lower left side of the shelf. 30) Use the binoculars to see the four code numbers 4, 7, 1, and 8 in the ‘numbered dots’ picture. 31) Use the number to open John’s locker, and take the oil painting tray. 32) Take the pencil from the dustbin in the second room. 33) Use the pencil to join the dots on the wall picture. 34) You will get the numbers 7, 5, 6, and 2. 35) Use the numbers as clues to the polka dot picture, and color the dotted number images. 36) Go to the ‘Art with magic wand’ picture, give the artist a brush and take his magic wand. 37) Place the wand on the mouse in the picture, and the mouse will race towards its burrow. 38) Fix the painting on the top right side of the black board. 39) Multiply the painted number clues to get the number 0420. 40) Use this number to open the locked cupboard and take the statue’s finger. 41) Break the statue with the hammer, and take the other finger. 42) A hand will protrude from the lower right side of the black board. 43) Fix the fingers to this hand. 44) This will result in the secret door opening, and you can escape.
Walkthrough Video
Art Class Escape Video Walkthrough