Spy Live:
Good 38%
Bad 63%
Winter is a great season that provides us with the most exciting games ever! That is how a war was started and all the tools for fighting are made out of snow and ice. Your primary weapon is a big catapult that you can take and drive over the snowy hills until you reach the enemy castle. Be careful on the way because the road is steep and you might slip up. In the bottom part of the screen you can keep an eye on your distance bar, timer, your current level and your snowballs collected. Once your reach your enemy's ice castle, you have to destroy it. Use your up and down keys to position your catapult and press your space bar for as long as you want in order to define the power of your shot. You can use your left and right arrow keys to move the screen from the catapult to the castle and back. Destroy all the towers in order to win the level, but be very careful because the wind is also a component to take into consideration. Have a lot of fun!
Use your arrow keys to drive and maintain your balance the entire way and also collect snowballs that will be your ammo in the end.
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