Spy Live:
Good 94%
Bad 6%
Racers around the world, gather around and prove your skills. This is the Renegade Racing. First, you have to choose a stock car to compete with and prove your skills. Throughout the race you will receive money for the tricks you make and you will be able to upgrade your car or even buy a new one when you will have enough money. Each car in the garage is an open book for you and you will be able to learn about its top speeds, acceleration and brakes and so on. If you think you should have a better car, you can buy it from the shop when you will have enough money. By finishing in the first places, you will unlock new levels and if you complete the bonus tasks you will win more money. After the race, you will get the stats and you will decide if you want to go on or repeat the race. Have fun playing our new game: The Renegade Racing. Are you up to the challenge?
In game.
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