Spy Live:
Good 44%
Bad 56%
There are many wars in this world and if you think that important ones are on ground or in the air, you might be wrong. Deep within the ocean there are submarines fighting to death. Whenever you hear the sonar sound it means that an enemy submarine is in sight. Your goal is to shoot it down! But try to stay away from the projectiles the enemies are shooting at you, or the barrels with explosives that a ship above throws in the water. If you get hit, you can collect hearts to improve your health. Be careful not to remain out of fuel because you will lose the game, you can collect fuel power ups to refill your bar. Collect coins and speed up to finish in a small amount of time to get bonus points to your score. Everything moves very fast underwater, so try to keep up! In the upper part of the screen you can see your distance bar and in the bottom part of the screen you current level, your enemies destroyed, your health bar, fuel bar and coins collected. Have a wonderful time playing this game!
Use your arrow keys to sail your own submarine and your space bar to shoot.
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