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Riders of the dawn is a catchy racing game flaunting retro cars and legendary characters in a stylish manner. Pick your car along with a strong, well developed character like mrs Snuffles, Toxic Alien, King Robstro, or Fatso Fred. Compete with all of them to win status and prestige in this already oozing with style car race. Get ready to push your senses to the max and your reflexes to the limit in this one of a kind battle of technique. You have free roads ahead and all you have to avoid is bumping into your adversaries and ruining your wonderful car and not bumping into them is tricky cause the curbs are tight and many. So drive your retro car around like a pro and prove you have what it takes to fill the shoes of your character and even batter beat the other characters in this race of .
Use Arrow Keys to drive.
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