Spy Live:
Good 63%
Bad 38%
Welcome to a world of pure luxury, where the rich people drive the most exquisite cars in the world! It takes someone special to drive and park them; do you think you have what it takes? In order to win at this exciting game you will have to be very fast and complete your mission before the time runs out. In the bottom part of your screen you will be able to see your speed, your timer, your health bar and your current level. Your score will be calculated taking into consideration the health remaining at the end of the level and the time in which you have managed to finish it. For each level you complete you will get a rating which you can see on the map select screen. There are twelve amazing levels available for you to play and have fun with. So do you think you can handle everything this game has to throw at you? Have an amazing time playing Rich Car Parking!
Use your arrow keys or your WASD keys to drive the car and your space bar to brake.
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