Spy Live:
Good 47%
Bad 53%
The object of this game is to complete all laps without crashing.
GAS (spacebar)Hold the spacebar down to give gas to your engine. You can accelerate your engine even when your car is in neutral. By acclerating your engine at the start line, you can achieve a faster take off when you switch to 1st gear allowing you the opportunity to get a head start on your account. * SHIFTING GEARS (Up Arrow) and (Down Arrow)Use the UP/DOWN directional keys to shift gears up/down. Your car is quipped with a high performance five speed transmission. By default you start each race in the neutral gear. Be Sure to rev that engine up before switching to first gear. BRAKE (X)Use your brakes to help stop your car when you cross the finish line. Depending on your speed , your brakes may not be enough to stop you from hiting the tire barrier. PARACHUTE (Z)Use the Parachute to help even further slow down your car.
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