Spy Live:
Good 70%
Bad 30%
Race against time in this awesome driving game! You only have a limited amount of time, but you can increase it by collecting power ups along the way, which will add a few seconds to your timer. There are three exciting maps and your goal is to finish them all. At first your car will move a bit slower, but you can also collect coins which you can use to buy some very cool upgrades. Improve your speed, nos power and nos endurance to be able to move a lot faster and your time which will give a few more seconds to start with. You will have a lot of obstacles on the way, but do not let them stop you! Do you think you can win in a race against time? You have three exciting maps to try out! Follow your progress and always keep your eyes on the timer. Prove you are an awesome drive! Have a blast playing this awesome game named race o’clock!
Using your arrow keys and your x key to use nos power and drive a little faster.
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