Spy Live:
Good 67%
Bad 33%
Monster Trucks are incredible vehicles which are awesome for performing stunts. So take them out for a ride and take part in this amazing show where you will have to display all your driving skills. There will be a lot of obstacles that you will have to face, like old cars, rubber tires or suspended ramps and you will have to climb and jump over them, while keeping control of your balance so you will not crash and burn. Your turbo power will become very handy, but use it wisely as it is limited. While you are in the air, do some crazy flips because you will receive bonus points for them. Be fast because time is also an important part of calculating your score and try to complete all the levels. You can see your timer in the upper left corner of the screen, your turbo bar below it and your score and your current level in the bottom right corner of the screen. There are eight amazing levels available for you to try out and enjoy. Have a wonderful time playing this fun game!
Use your arrow keys to drive your truck and your X key to activate your turbo power.
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