Spy Live:
Good 80%
Bad 20%
Professional soldier Jack Hardman, a leading figure Monster Flood, not one of those guys with whom you would like to pick a fight. Jack's charisma, it is endowed with strong arms and great control all sorts of extra weapons. And why is Army leaders often broadcast on dangerous missions from which they feed and health can return only the best of the best. Now the government has sent it to the super-secret lab where the explosion occurred, to see if anyone survived the scientists. When he arrived with his unit in place, waiting for him unpleasant surprise. Indeed, researchers have mutated due to an explosion in the blood-thirsty zombies, which has killed all the members of rescue squads except Jack. Put yourself now in the game Monster Flood in his skin and try to resist as long as bloodthirsty undead Horde pundits.
Movement - arrows shooting - space, selection of weapons - the key 0-9
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