Spy Live:
Good 80%
Bad 20%
Things in Hell are not that different from things on Earth. Of course, there are devils instead of humans and lava instead of land, but they also have regular things, like traffic and taxi cars. So drive the taxi and see if you can take your clients to their devilish destination. Then start your car again using your X key and take your customer to the next taxi parking station. Where you will let him out the same way you have to safely drive a minimum of clients to their destination in order to win the level. Along the way you can pick up coins to improve your score, health power ups and fuel. In the upper part of the screen you can see your distance bar and in the bottom part of the screen you can see your coins, your customers successfully taken to their destination and your target, your health bar and your fuel bar. Good luck!
Use your arrow keys to drive your car and do your best not to crash it into anything because you might damage it. You should also be very careful not to run out of fuel. When you see a customer, stop the car near him by using your Z key and pick him up using your space bar.
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