Spy Live:
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Take a peek at the future and see how the sport cars will look like over time. Do your very best not to crash into the other cars in traffic, because you may damage your vehicle and destroy it. Also try to cross the finish line before the time runs out. Collect power ups along the way which will help you improve your health, giving you a protective shield for a short period of time which will protect you from any damages and giving you a speed boost that will really help you get closer to that finish line. In the left side of your screen you can see your health bar and distance bar and in the bottom left part of the screen you can see your timer and your current level. here are seven amazing levels available for you to play and have fun with and each of them is more challenging than the previous ones, so try to keep your focus all the way through. So do you think you have enough skills to handle this futuristic racing game? Have an incredible time playing this game!
Use your arrow keys and your space bar to brake.
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