Spy Live:
Good 50%
Bad 50%
The hunger of power is a constant between these incredible trucks. You have probably seen them everywhere around your city, your good old burger truck, the hot dog trailer, the popcorn van, and other awesome trucks that sell hot chicken wings or delicious sausages. You have to take out three opponents before the time runs out in order to win a level, but you will have to be careful not to destroy your vehicle by crashing into other cars in traffic. There are some amazing power ups you can pick up, one that improves your health, one that gives you a protecting shield, one that gives you a speed boost so you can catch up to your targets and one that give you extra bullets. In the bottom part of the screen you can see your timer, health bar, bullets, the distance until your next target, the number of targets left and your current level. Good luck!
Use arrow keys to drive and your X key to shoot when you position yourself behind them.
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