Spy Live:
Good 41%
Bad 59%
Go to the safe wall, click on the top right box in the wall, turn off the switch.Go to board on the wall behind the PC. Gets Julia´s phone number - it changes every time. Use the combination on the safe. Get the scuba equipament and the knife. Wear the scuba equip. No more time limit.Go to the door wall, use passkey on the door. It will broke.Go to the window wall. Use penknife on the window shade handle. Click on the lamp. Use the iron elements on the lamp. Pick up the key inside.Go to PC wall. Use small key on closed locker. Pick up the pipe.Go to the door wall. Use shade handle on the top right corner of the projector screen - there´s a little black line on the spot you should click. Click on the handle. A new door will be revealed. Select the pipe, click on the bottom of this door. Pick up the new key. Use Key on door.
Use Mouse to Interact.
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