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Pumping adrenaline, driving crazy and opponents on the road. That's what this game is about. Welcome to Xtreme Stunt Truck. It's been awhile since truck drivers have been in this competition. You're lucky to be one of them. That proves you're brave. Drive insane like stunt truck drivers do all around the world. Complete the challenges and pump up adrenaline on the way to the finish line. Defeat all your opponents on the track and collect all the money you can. Upgrade your truck when you feel the track it's too dificult for the parts you already have on your car. By upgrading your truck, you will be able to get better results and win the competition. The people who work in the garage will be happy to help you change the wheels on your monster truck or even the body, if you feel the one you already have is out of style. Keep your truck like a monster, drive crazy and get pumped up on the track! Good Luck!
Use the arrow keys to drive the truck, and help keep its balance.
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