Spy Live:
Good 60%
Bad 40%
RulesThe Objective of the game is to put cards from 8 columns to 4 cells at the right - Home Row, using 4 free cells at the left - Free Cells. The cards have to be arranged in a special order - black card should be followed by the red one and vice versa, also they should be in descending order by rank, i.e. Queen can be put on King, Jack on Queen and etc.ScoringFor each card, placed in Home Row, you receive 10 points. As soon as solitaire is completed, you receive remaining bonus points as well.There are two games modes available: Adventure and Practice.In Adventure mode you walk on the map. With each won game you get into new exciting adventure.In Practice mode you can train your gaming skills, so that you could play in Adventure mode more easily.
Use mouse to interact.
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