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Play the latest winter and Christmas driving games here on the best game portal online on vitalitygames.com. Games like this new exclusive vitality games called Dark Snow Challenge. In Dark Snow Challenge you will test your skills with more dirt bikes in the night in a nearby forest. Outside its snowing and the track you will have to complete with your bike may be very dangerous. So use your bike and your driving skills in this winter sport dirt challenge and prove you got what it takes to be the best driver in the game. To play the game use arrow keys to steer the bike and space to make the bike jump over obstacles. Speed up and jump over obstacles and try to land safely on wheels. Pay attention to the biker if you roll over and hit your head you will lose, and must restart the game. Unlock better lighter and faster bike to have a blast online. And make it to the finish line in all 10 intense levels. Improve online in this winter night bike challenge to become the best player online. Good luck and have fun!
Use arrow keys to drive.
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