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General Rules If one ball of each stripes and solids is sunk on the break, the table remains open. Any balls that are sunk remain packeted. If a player scratches (the cue ball goes into a pocket), the next player gets ball-in-hand. If a player has ball-in-hand, then shoots and sinks any balls in the left quarter section of the table without first hitting the top, bottom or right walls first, the player loses their turn. Each player must hit their object ball with the cue ball first, or the player losses their turn. If the player hits the 8 ball before hitting one of their object balls, they lose their turn. If the player sinks the 8 ball before clearing all of their object balls, they lose the game. If the player scratches while shooting the 8 ball, they lose the game. Game Play Ball-in-Hand Move your mouse to choose a location anywhere in the left quarter section of the table, then click to set the cue ball down. If you want to change the ball location, press the space bar to pick the ball up again. Using the Stick Move your mouse to aim the stick. Click and hold for power. The further the stick is away from the cue ball, the greater the power. Release to shoot. Want to reset your angle before you shoot? Press the space bar. Spin Click and drag the 'x' to target where you want your stick to hit the cue ball. This will give the ball spin, which causes the ball to veer in different directions after being hit. Practice Choose this mode of the game to practice sinking some shots. There is no opponent. Press the space bar for Ball-In-Hand on the whole table. 8-Ball vs. Computer Play the computer to see if you're a real pool shark! 8-Ball Basics The first player has ball-in-hand, then 'breaks' by shooting the cue ball towards the racked balls at the other end of the table. The table is considered 'open' on the break, meaning that neither player is stripes or solids. The first player to sink a ball is assigned that object ball -- stripes or solids. The opponent is assigned the alternate type. Each player's goal is to sink all their stripes or solids before sinking the 8 ball. When shooting for the 8 ball, the player must call the pocket they are aiming for in advance. If the 8 ball goes into said pocket, that player wins the game. If it goes into a pocket other than the called pocket, the player losses the game.
Use mouse to interact.
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