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  • Streets of Fire Streets of Fire Your goal is to burn down all the buildings without running out of fuel!
  • Speed Dating Speed Dating Speed dating is hot. Get yourself multiple dates in record time!
  • School Yard Rec School Yard Rec The Huru Humi kids wanted to save the planet, so they started the Huru Humi Schoolyard Recycling Program in their cafeteria. Help them so
  • Halloween Witch Halloween Witch You are a witch who cooks a special magic stew on the Halloween night. You need to collect the required ingredients before you run out of ti
  • Lumber Joe Lumber Joe Get to the other side fast! Help Lumber Joe steer and watch out for the logs and avoid them while trying to swim unto the bottom of the map.
  • Kill the Pac Man Kill the Pac Man Bounce off the pac man guys using your ball and destroy them before the time limit.
  • Kum Kang Kum Kang The raccoon's mission is to recover all the shoes in each level. The raccoon also has to make sure he avoids the spiky balls and the enemies
  • Barcode Bedlam Barcode Bedlam Aim the Datascan handheld scanner at targets around the room and click to scan a bar code.
  • Construction Worker Will Construction Worker Will Test your skills by clicking the glowing bricks as they light up, but don't take too long.
  • Blue Blue Look for lost artefacts under the water. There are bubbles that appear and disappear. You can only move inside these bubbles. If the bubble
  • Anti Terrorism Squad Anti Terrorism Squad Slide the bomb pieces all around to get the timer out of there. Don't let it explode!
  • Avenue of Death Avenue of Death Complete each random death level and stay alive. Mainly based on skill and timing.
  • Attack of the Sprouts Attack of the Sprouts Use the left and right cursor keys to defend your christmas dinner from attacking sprouts.
  • Aim and Fire Aim and Fire Shoot cans according to the required target on the left!
  • Ultimate Hoops 2 Ultimate Hoops 2 The object of the game is to shoot and score the basketball into the net as many times as you can while the basketball net moves left and ri
  • Sushi Pack Power Practice Sushi Pack Power Practice Knock down cut-outs of the Low Tide and help the Pack practice their powers! Aim with your mouse then click the knock down cut-outs of the L
  • Extinct Extinct Grab the falling eggs and clocks. Hurry, you're almost extinct. 
  • Share the Food Share the Food Share the food so that there is the same number of items on both trays.
  • Three Dancing Fairies Three Dancing Fairies Three Dancing Fairies is an educational fun math game. The game has 3 levels of difficulty and exercises for Addition. Objective of the g
  • Ghetto Chase Ghetto Chase Run from the cops, jump over fences and other objects.
  • Avalanche Avalanche A very cool game of blocks dropping that you must jump onto and get as high as possible.
  • Food Finder Food Finder Place the foods into the spots they belong. Toss unwanted foods into the bubbling pot.
  • Sue Delivery Meals Sue Delivery Meals Complete the meals with right ingredients and earn points.
  • Sue Meal Baking Sue Meal Baking Take white dough, roll it out, add filling, put the pasty in the oven, bake it and add to the bowl with soup.
  • Super Pie Delivery Super Pie Delivery Fly around with your jetpack delivering pies. Don't get hit by those cars.
  • Top That Deux Top That Deux Serve people some salad and sandwiches.
  • Breakfast Breakfast It's morning and you have to cook and serve for breakfast. Serve them as quick as you can.
  • Escape from Hell Escape from Hell Gary has accidentally been sent to hell! Help him escape from the flames!