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  • Hot Diggity Dog Hot Diggity Dog Hot dogs are so great! It's easy to make and easy to eat. Let's bet you will enjoy that game as much as you enjoy eating hot dogs. You will
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwich BBQ Chicken Sandwich In case you wonder what to cook this summer, it is almost too easy to be called a recipe but we thought you might be interested by a bbq chi
  • Deli Sandwiches Deli Sandwiches This is the most easiest sandwich recipe in the world to make! Chop up a salad and then cut up tomatoes and bread. A small detail that makes
  • Fifis Chocolate Kitchen Fifis Chocolate Kitchen Help Fifi serve custom chocolate confections to her customers. Click to select molds, dipping items, and the correct chocolate to fulfill cu
  • Lisas Famous Tacos Lisas Famous Tacos Mix the ingredients, grill the steak, wrap everything up in a tortilla and chow down on these great steak tacos!
  • Equal Serve Equal Serve Identify the food request of the kids and serve it correctly to them. To serve the foodstuff, take the foodstuff and then release the mouse
  • The Observant The Observant Observe the customer’s requested foodstuff and serve it correctly. To serve the foodstuff, click on the foodstuff and then the customer. I
  • Sandwich Shop Sandwich Shop 1.Click on the bread to toast it. 2.Click on the vegetable to add it in sandwich. 3.Click on the sauce to add it in sandwich. 4.Click on
  • Sandwich Making Sandwich Making Arrange the ingredients in the same order (from left to right) which is shown in the customer’s request. When an unwanted item comes on t
  • Victoria Sandwich Victoria Sandwich Lets come and know how to make sandwich.
  • Sues Sandwich Shop Sues Sandwich Shop Help make some delicious sandwiches.
  • The Squirrel of Sandwich The Squirrel of Sandwich Fobjects are on sale! Help Andy and Rodney earn money to buy as many Fobjects as they can.