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  • Robo Adventure Robo Adventure Robo Adventure is a great platform game. Robo has lost in the Space. You need to help him to get out of there.
  • Robo Juicestice Robo Juicestice The theme was "you only get one", in order to execute on this idea we made a game where you start with 6 "powers" and lose one each time you
  • Robotron Robotron Fire limited shots to knock out the zombies with your shots & boxes.
  • Roberts Robot Repair Roberts Robot Repair Repair things and stop robots.
  • Steam Droid Steam Droid Liberate the steam droids in over 14 levels and take on the final big boss. Visit the store to upgrade to triple shot, reverse shot, rockets
  • Medieval Robot Defense Medieval Robot Defense Click to shoot robots. Don’t let the robots get to your castle! Let the humans pass and collect them and use them to help fight back again
  • Robot vs Zombies Robot vs Zombies It’s time for the undead to meet their match: robots!
  • Techno Mania Techno Mania Even a risky robotic landscape can't keep you from your mechanical mistress! The faster you pass each level, the better your score. Remember
  • Da Num Nums Da Num Nums Metal Mick needs his food! Accurately flick and feed the robot to fuel the rocket for launch! The more accurately you perform, the higher yo
  • Armor Robot War Armor Robot War In the year of 2500, the earth is occupied by different armor robots. There are fierce wars between them! Suppose you are the boss of one gr
  • IO Bot IO Bot It's your task to bring IO Bot back to where he came from, can you reach the top to make IO Bot happy.
  • Eliminate Robot Eliminate Robot It is a game with great fun and challage. The connon is your weapon. Your aim is to eliminate all the robots. You will be succeed when all o
  • Revert To Growth 2 Revert To Growth 2 Revert to Growth is back and its 3 times as awesome! Gather light matter for your robot king while exploring three different environments, e
  • Transformers Takedown Transformers Takedown Optimus Prime and Bumblebee need your help as they defend earth from the Decepticons once again, more have come to attack and you must take
  • Box10 Rampage Box10 Rampage Evil robots are on the rampage! Hand out some justice!
  • Robokill 2 Robokill 2 The compound is full of alien enemies. Fight through one room at a time searching for the way out of this dangerous warzone.
  • Robot Riot Robot Riot The robots are rioting!
  • Oh My Bot Oh My Bot Oh My Bot Try These Games! Share this game: OMG, Becky—look at that bot! How to Play: Arrows/WASD = Move & Jump Space = Nitro Collect as m
  • Mini Robot Wars Mini Robot Wars Kick butt at the Robot Wars World Championship 2054! Use cash from your victories to buy new skill modules at the Store. Upload these new sk
  • Effing Machine Effing Machine Save your city from legions of dangerous machines, piloting your own mech suit. Hold back the machines long enough for the EMP to be built a
  • Robot Attack Robot Attack In the future, robots and humans live in unity. This creates an ideal utopian society filled with peace and prosperity...but as utopias have
  • War On Robots War On Robots Robots have taken over the earth. It\'s your task to eliminate the robots to take over the earth back again. Are you strong enough to beat t
  • Robo Sockets Robo Sockets RoboSockets is a juicy mix of tetris, pipes and match 3 game mechanics resulting in the truly unique game play. It’s as simple as genius a
  • Shoot Robots Shoot Robots Shoot all your enemy robots in this very fun and exciting shooting game. Enemies may come out anywhere so be ready with your weapons. Enjoy!
  • Megaman Zero Alpha Megaman Zero Alpha Another version of megaman game!
  • Megaman X Virus Mission 2 Megaman X Virus Mission 2 Megaman again, but this time without any jumping and running because here we have a round based RPG fighter game in which you battle tactica
  • Megaman Polarity Megaman Polarity Change shield polarities to absorb enemy blasts, power up your mega blaster and find Bass to destroy him.
  • Collateral Damages 2 Collateral Damages 2 Blow away the city and all who stand in your way. Grab pickups to stay alive and finish your mission.
  • Collateral Damages Collateral Damages Blow up cop cars, helicopters, buildings and squish people. Setup force fields and more.
  • Benda Bot Benda Bot Help Benda Bot collect Golden screws in his dangerous adventure and you will be awarded an extra life for every 10 screws.
  • Anti Christ Robot Anti Christ Robot Punch, kick, and shoot cops and survive as you explore the world as a robot. Very nice gameplay.
  • Alien Mayhem Alien Mayhem Space State XII has reported some strange happenings. You are investigating the reports just as you are attacked by aliens. It's up to you t
  • Robo Cop Robo Cop Shoot the targets, blow them to bits if possible
  • Robo Pogo Robo Pogo Use your skill to keep the robot balanced on the pogostick. Careful, it's harder than it sounds.
  • Depth Charger Depth Charger Dr. Kamikazi has launched a wave of deadly sea mines. Help Robotboy destroy the mines before they hit the ocean floor: Create chain reaction