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  • Free Bernie Pirates Free Bernie Pirates Bernie stuck again with bunch of his friends. Help him and his fellows to escape from pirates ship through water pipes.
  • Dr Frankenstein Dr Frankenstein Become Doctor Frankenstein and put your very special set of skills to work in order to create a terrifying monster. Gather everything you ne
  • Drainage Pipe Drainage Pipe The goal of the game is to connect water pipes from the water source to end of the pipe line without leaking anywhere. Touch the pipes to ro
  • I Needs Water I Needs Water Sam got Flipper, the fish, as a birthday gift from his dad. You should help Sam bring water to the aquarium. Arrange the tiles to connect th
  • Clone the Rabbit Clone the Rabbit The aim is to join the pipes and create a way to the opposite side of the glass bulb to clone the rabbit. As you click a pipe, it gets rearr
  • Short Cut Short Cut Click on various road tiles to let them rotate in oder to connect starting point and goal.
  • Clickazoid Clickazoid Clickazoid is a new type of puzzle game in which you have to hit shapes of the same type, the bigger your shapes the more points you get.The
  • Dogville Pipeline Dogville Pipeline Connect the pipes and get the water to the dogs! Better make it in time, because they are really thirsty!
  • Turkey and the Basket Turkey and the Basket Drag and arrange the pipe pieces to connect the Turkey and the basket.Then click on the Turkey to collect the fruits within the time limit.
  • Smiley Tracer Smiley Tracer Complete the shapes by drawing lines .Click on one of the smiley and draw line from one smiley point to another. Your game come to an end if
  • Flower Rescue Flower Rescue The flowers are trapped somewhere in the jungle and they need a hero! Arrange the pipes in a good order to reach a flower and rescue it. Cli
  • Heron Steam Machine Heron Steam Machine Businessmen are always bullies”and alas there's too much work to do! Harness the power of the steam machine! Click on a pipe to rotate it
  • Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack Another sequel in the Liquid Measure puzzle game series. Route water to the pots to fill them all. Move the pieces to the right place to con
  • Plumber Beeny Hamster Plumber Beeny Hamster Saving the house is really a big job for such a small creature!
  • Farm Roads Farm Roads A quick, but fun game of rotating the roads to connect all the farms and houses together.
  • Mice Maze Mice Maze Make this mummy mouse to feed the little one. Just connect the pipes accordingly, and create the path for the food to reach the little mouse
  • Rescue the Soldiers Rescue the Soldiers Create correct path to transfer the soldiers from one camp to another for their safety purpose. Drag the path pieces onto the grid to form c
  • Connect and Reach Connect and Reach Guide the car safely to its destination to move onto next level. Drag the Road pieces onto the grid to form a smooth and correct path. Dra
  • Petrol Rush Petrol Rush Your goal is to assemble all the pipe pieces correctly, as in a way to connect all the petrol banks and the cars which are at opposite ends.
  • Pipe Boggler Pipe Boggler Align the pipeline pieces in such a way that it connects the girl and the guy.Once you connect the pieces correctly, the girl's kiss will re
  • Strangers Ball Strangers Ball Assemble all the pieces of pipeline to connect the girl and the boy. You are provided with a 'Rotate' option in the palette, so that you can
  • Aqua Store Aqua Store Assemble all the pieces of the pipeline in such a way that it is connected to the water tank, which is in the opposite side.Once you have as
  • Save the Plant Save the Plant Assemble all the pieces of the pipeline in such a way that it connects the water tank with the plant.Once you have assembled correctly, the
  • Pipe It Pipe It Rotate and connect all pipes together! Ends of pipes can't be open and all pipes must be connected to each other! You can use only pipe-to-
  • Flashpiper Flashpiper Connect the pink circle to the green circle.
  • Liquid Measure Liquid Measure Try to fill all the water into the provided containers in the puzzle game Liquid Measure.
  • Jardinoo Jardinoo Rotate the ditch so that the water travels to ALL plants on the map. Rotate plants to line up to.
  • Sue Dating Machine Sue Dating Machine Match as many couples as possible by building a pipeline!
  • Fruit Pole Fruit Pole Move the fruit from the tree to the basket by using the balancing wood.Once you fix the balancing wood’s direction and position,
  • Prince of Kurukshetra Prince of Kurukshetra Emerge a hero ! Rescue the Prince of Kurukshetra.
  • Konnectors Konnectors Build a road to connect location A with location B, while working on a tight schedule.
  • Hunga Hunga Rotate blocks and direct water to Hunga.
  • City of Ember Pipeworks City of Ember Pipeworks Quick! Get your pipes in a row before the water pressure blows! Make a clean run from the tap to the drain, then let her rip!
  • Connexions Connexions Click on the segment to create shape before the time runs out! The more complex shape you make the more score you earn!
  • Animal 2 Animal 2 Move the falling block to right and left. Complete a route and return a mole to his house.
  • Oreo Extreme Creme Oreo Extreme Creme Help control the creme production on the planet Emerc. Pipe by pipe, build the longest pipeline before the creme bits pour out.
  • Balloon Park Balloon Park Kids will be sent into the balloon flight by you, and the more tubes you will use to achieve that, the more points you will receive. Be c
  • Ruma Pipe Ruma Pipe Run the pipes without errors in this wonderful classic game remake, Ruma Pipe!The objective of the game is to get to the edge of the pipe wi
  • Plumber 2 Plumber 2 Arrange the pipes before the waters run down!
  • Pipe Pang Pipe Pang Connect the pipes and let the waters run down!
  • Pipe Line Remixed Pipe Line Remixed The classic pipeline game has been revived once again, with additional color mixers! Create a continuous flow from start to exit by connecti
  • Fudge Frenzy Fudge Frenzy Connect the pipes to make delicious Wonka bars for the gluttonous Gloop to eat.
  • Flash Pipes Flash Pipes Fill in the blue squares with pipes to keep the green ooz flowing through the pipe.
  • Net Net By turning blocks with wires and devices, connect all devices to the electricity, no block should be left without power.
  • Bars Bars Place randomly chosen combinations of bars on stage. you can not place bars over other bars. Fill horisontal or vertical line, an
  • South Park Volcano South Park Volcano A volcano has erupted and molten lava is heading towards south park! as stand's dad, you're in charge of digging trenches to save the tow
  • Gas Up Gas Up Rotate the pipes to get the gas to the vehicles on the other side. Don't let time run out!
  • Gasolina Gasolina Gas is very expensive. Try not to loose a drop as you fill up gas tanks. You have limited time to achieve your objective.
  • Wrath 2 Wrath 2 Mankind has run amok, and it's up to you to set them straight!