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  • Dogfight 2 Dogfight 2 Use Up andDown or Left and Right arroew keys to run space bar to fire your gunsshift or cntrl key to drop bombs.
  • Pirate Fight Pirate Fight Pirate Fight is a  great fighting game. The street of Hong Kong is a full of dangerous street gang. One piece pirate is the only local figh
  • Ultimate Galactic Battle Ultimate Galactic Battle The aliens are here and the Ultimate Galactic Battle the Earth is starting. As a member of a crew designated by the United Nations you have
  • Plane Highjack Mayhem Plane Highjack Mayhem Play an awesome search and destroy game in which you have to shoot down enemies with your plane!
  • Plane Race Plane Race 3D racing game where you have to fly and airplane and compete with other airplane pilots.
  • Fly Air India Fly Air India Corruption has taken over the country. Play action games and fly your way around the toxic clouds of corruption!
  • Airport Service Parking Airport Service Parking Parking airplanes has always been fun. Try your parking skills while playing Airport Service Parking game. Your airplane has been damaged by
  • TU Unleashed TU Unleashed The TU plane series continues! Deliver your passengers safely around the world.
  • Jumbo Jet Parking Jumbo Jet Parking Besides only transporting people and driving planes in the sky, every pilot has to park the plane once it lands. Help our pilot here to park
  • Line of Fire Line of Fire Drop bombs, fire missiles and try to get a high score.
  • LAX Airbus Parking LAX Airbus Parking Your goal is to park the plane on the designated area.
  • Air Dogfight Air Dogfight Your mission as an allied pilot will be to step into your fighter and shoot down as many enemies as possible. For each fighter you will shoo
  • F22 Raptor Parking F22 Raptor Parking Have fun playing a different type of parking game with a F22 Raptor plane! Try to maintain the health of your plane and do not hit pedestria
  • Runway Runway Drive your plane on Runway and take off your flight without hitting the obstacles. Collect the assigned gadgets to complete each level. Each
  • Jet Velocity 2 Jet Velocity 2 3D futuristic action racing game. Blast your opponents to pieces.
  • Parasite Strike Parasite Strike Classic, challenging side-scrolling shooter with a deep upgrade and customization system of many ships, weapons, and gadgets.
  • Groundphobia Groundphobia Your goal is to shoot at enemy aircrafts during the horizontal flight.
  • In 3 structo Tank In 3 structo Tank Returned to attack the planet Earth and have requested assistance alien to send you an indestructible tank. Use the bombs coming your aircra
  • Code Name Ezekiel Code Name Ezekiel Welcome to the outter space! Avoid and destroy all the enemy spaceships, gather objects that will improve your armament.
  • Zippy Airport Zippy Airport The higher officials of the Zippy Airport have chosen you to manage the flights. They hope that you will manage landing and take-off the fli
  • Mathomia Mathomia Shoot the nuclear bomb and solve the code before it reaches the town, you must be quick before the bomb explodes.
  • The Red Barron 1918 The Red Barron 1918 When the battleplane stops on the lawn, press the key W , the battleplane start accelerating-coasting, pay attention to maintains thebattlep
  • Alios Army Alios Army Chocks away! Use your mouse to pilot your plane. Left-mouse button to shoot. Space Bar for Smart Bomb.
  • Airport Madness 3 Airport Madness 3 Be in charge of airplanes traffic at the airport - give orders to aircrafts when to land, when to takeoff, when to cross the lanes. A highly
  • Scarlet Horizon Scarlet Horizon Destroy the enemy buildings to the target percentage shown in the top left .Bomb the buildings as much as you can.
  • TU 95 TU 95 Strategic bomber and missile carrier built by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Learn how to fly and manoeuver the plane. Engage in the
  • Fly Further Fly Further Stay in flight for the longest time as you can.
  • Fish Flight Fish Flight Click and drag the plane for distance, Pull up or down to make it tilt in angle then release left click to launch.
  • Family Flights Family Flights Can you keep all your passengers happy? We wish you a pleasant flight with Far away Flights! Play the game with your mouse. Select items by
  • Airport Mania First Flight Airport Mania First Flight Manage yourself to make money transporting passengers with your airline. Make click on the airplanes and at the landing to give them permiss
  • A Threat From The Sea A Threat From The Sea The enemy ships are ready to attack you. You will have to survive alone while backup is on the way!
  • Cross Fire Cross Fire Dodge enemy jet fire as other missiles fly onto the screen. Grab powerups and destroy enemy jets.
  • Armada Assault 1 Armada Assault 1 An armada of alien squadrons is spotted in Earth's atmosphere. Now there is only one last insane resort - to gather all veteran fighter pilo
  • Airport Tycoon Airport Tycoon Manage your airport as you buy food, employees, runways, travel locations and more.
  • Hover Wind Hover Wind Maneuver a fighter jet over the enemy territory and shoot down the enemy planes and tanks to survive.
  • Towel Fighter Towel Fighter Beat your opponent in this locker room towel fight.